Kevin C. Coleman Mediation|Arbitration




To reserve a mediation session, please select from any of the available dates below. A quick ONLINE APPOINTMENT REQUEST will collect contact details and case information. Once submitted, we will be in touch as quickly as possible.

The fee for a full-day mediation, up to 2 hours of preparation and 8 hours of session is $3,000 per party. The fee for a half-day mediation, up to 1 hour of preparation and 4 hours of session is $1,500 per party. If a half-day mediation extends beyond 2 additional hours, then it will be billed as a full-day mediation. Other additional time is billed at $300 per hour per party, in quarter-hour increments.

  • No travel charges for any mediation within the
    greater San Francisco Bay Area. Other travel charges
    on a case-by-case basis.
  • No administrative fee when conducted via Zoom.
  • No administrative or set-up fee charged when
    conducted in counsel’s office.
  • Standard rates do not apply for panels. Call for
    panel rates.


If the mediation session is cancelled or rescheduled more than five (5) court days prior to the scheduled session, there is no cancellation fee, and all paid mediation fees will be refunded as needed. Mediations sessions canceled or rescheduled less than 5 court days prior to the scheduled session shall not be refunded. Please keep in mind, my cancellation policy is meant to fairly compensate my office for reserving the time scheduled for this mediation which typically cannot be filled in less than 5 court days.


Upon scheduling this mediation, you will be sent an invoice requesting payment which is due upon receipt. Full payment is required prior to the date of mediation. Payments should be made in accordance with the payment instructions on the invoice. Please note that I view my engagement as being with you as counsel and have accepted this case in reliance on our business relationship and your obligation to pay costs incurred on behalf of your client(s). Accordingly, counsel for each party is financially responsible for timely payment of mediation fees.

PS: Sometimes auto-generated invoices go to spam, please be sure to check.

Below please see my engagement letter. If you have any questions regarding this engagement or my services in general, please do not hesitate to contact me or my case manager, Chad Finlay, by email or call my office at 415.488.7609.

Thank you for trusting me to help resolve your dispute. I look forward to working with you and your clients/representatives.

Kevin conducts mediations either in-person or via video conference using the Zoom app. Please download these Zoom instructions for helpful information.

If new to Zoom, please be sure to download the app, create an account and login to become familiar with the platform. Zoom has many helpful resources if needed.


Mediation Disclosure Notice and Acknowledgement

Before engaging in mediation or initiate communication with a mediator regarding participation, it is imperative that clients are informed about the crucial aspect of confidentiality within this process.

In the state of California attorneys for clients who are participating in mediation or communicating with a mediator about participating, give their clients this information about the confidentiality of mediation. Clients sign the agreement to indicate their understanding.

More information on the code at CA Ev Code § 1129 (2022) [Download PDF]


John C.

Thanks Kevin.  I will definitely keep you in mind [for future mediations].  We would not have settled the case without you.

San Francisco Attorney

Jeffrey S.

I appreciated the way Kevin interacted with my client.  In the short time the two were together, Kevin was able to establish a relationship whereby my client trusted him and listened to the advice and suggestions offered. This was invaluable. I would happily use Kevin to mediate a case for us in the future.

Prominent Plaintiff’s Firm, Personal Injury Case, San Francisco, CA.

Bruce M.

I was very happy with the results of the mediation, as was my client, and I was also happy that we were able to wrap things up before lunch. I thought the mediation went very very well. The caucus sessions were fine and, as it turned out, productive and expeditious. I was impressed. My client and I were both very happy with the final result. [My Client] is quite relieved to have resolved the matter.

Attorney and 18-Year Mediator, Santa Rosa, CA, Contract Case

Dona C.

Kevin, you called this within an hour or so after the mediation commenced so you were able to read the players very well. That is a very good trait to have as a mediator.

Solo practitioner, 26-Year Practicing Attorney, Santa Rosa, CA, Co-Mediator in Personal Injury Case

Brian L.

I thought you were very professional and focused on not only the relevant legal issues in our case, but also on what type of underlying things might help resolve it.

Solo Practitioner, Attorney in Contract Case

Lisa W.

Having you represent us to help resolve our problem could not have been less stressful.  I really did feel that our dispute was stalled until we had you to advocate on our behalf for resolution. Your fee was reasonable and your work allowed us to focus on our business rather than litigation.  I’ll refer you any chance I get.

Owner, Small Business LLC.
(A Hybrid Services Case – Representation for Purposes of Resolution)

About Kevin

Kevin is an accomplished mediator offering the right balance of experience, integrity, persistence and people skills necessary to settle your dispute. He is committed to helping people resolve conflicts affordably and effectively both as a neutral mediator and using mediation techniques when hired as an advocate.

Kevin has been involved in thousands of negotiations and mediated hundreds of cases. Kevin has been practicing law since 1989, settling cases as a neutral since 1996, and working exclusively as a full time neutral, mediating cases and resolving disputes since 2006. Kevin brings these years of experience as a mediator and lawyer to settle even the most complex disputes. Kevin is innovative in the dispute resolution services he provides, varying the methods he employs depending on the circumstances of each case or dispute.

Kevin C. Coleman Mediation|Arbitration

Settling Cases as a Neutral Since


Kevin first worked as a neutral in 1996 when called by the Marin County Superior Court to work as Judge Pro Tem at settlement conferences.  It was the tremendous satisfaction that the parties had with Kevin’s work in settling cases that inspired Kevin to make mediation his full-time profession.  Of course it was very gratifying to Kevin to hear how satisfied the parties were with his work in helping bring resolution to their lawsuit.  Thereafter, Kevin engaged in extensive mediation and communication training to help him in his quest to help people resolve their disputes.

The mission of Kevin C. Coleman Mediation & Arbitration is to cost effectively settle disputes.  Kevin achieves this by bringing the sides together by listening to each side, helping each define their needs and interests and aiding each to understand how the other side can be satisfied while still meeting their own needs.


Mediation and Case Resolution Services:

Successfully mediating to resolution catastrophic and non-catastrophic Personal Injury, Product Liability Medical Malpractice cases, as well as Employment, Real Estate and Construction disputes. Also, Collection, Loan Modification/Wrongful Foreclosure, Business and commercial cases, neighbor disputes involving nuisance, easements, quiet enjoyment as well as Consumer Law, Lemon Law, and Probate cases. Particular success in resolving cases with plaintiff in pro per. Commended for grasping the issues, patience and persistence.

  • Mediation Office of Kevin C. Coleman 2006 – Present
  • Judge Pro Tem, Settlement Conferences Marin County Superior Court 1996 – Present
  • Mediation Coach and Trainer: Rosenberg Mediation Training September 2012; Boalt Hall School of Law – Mediation and Negotiation Courses, April 2010; Northern California Mediation Center March, 2010; Stanford Law School – Mediation Course, March 2009
  • Brent Coon & Associates, San Francisco Office Managing Attorney 2004 – 2006
  • Law Office of Kevin C. Coleman, San Rafael, CA, 1994 – 2004
  • Halley, Cornell & Lynch, San Francisco, CA 1991 – 1994
  • Brayton & Associates, Novato, CA 1989 – 1991
Court & Bar Qualified Panels
  • San Francisco Superior Court Settlement Conference Officer
  • Bar Association of San Francisco Mediation Services
  • Bar Association of San Francisco Conflict Intervention Service
  • Marin County Bar Association Panel
  • Marin County Judge Pro Tem Settlement Conference Panelist
  • Marin County Superior Court Discovery Facilitator
  • Marin County Superior Court Modest Means Panel
  • Alameda County Superior Court
  • Contra Costa Superior Court
  • Court of Appeals, First and Third Appellate Districts

Arbitration Panel:

  • FINRA Public Arbitrator Chairperson
Mediation Training & Education

Kevin regularly attends continued education relating to alternative dispute resolution.


  • Court of Appeals Third Appellate District, Advanced Communication for Mediators
  • Court of Appeals, Third Appellate District, Appellate Mediation Training
  • Rosenberg Advanced Mediation Training
  • Rosenberg Mediation Training


  • May 1987 Santa Clara University, Juris Doctorate
  • May 1982 University of San Diego, Bachelor of Business Administration
  • July 1981 Oxford University, Worcester College, Oxford, England Summer Session

Practice Areas

Kevin has settled a wide variety of cases. He is requested by both sides, insurance defense attorneys and plaintiff attorneys to mediate their personal injury and and product liability cases. Kevin’s mediation practice includes most civil litigation fields, including employment law, real estate, including landlord-tenant and construction, neighbor disputes such as easements, boundaries and noise disputes, business disputes, collection, lemon law and loan modification/wrongful foreclosure. Kevin gets special satisfaction helping families in estate disputes resolve their differences.

  • Personal Injury
  • Landlord/Tenant
  • Employment
    • Wage & Hour
    • Wrongful Termination
    • Trade Secrets
  • Neighbor Disputes
    • Easements
    • Boundaries
    • Noise/Quiet Enjoyment
  • Business/Commercial
  • Collection
  • Loan Modification/Foreclosure
  • Lemon Law
  • Construction Defect
  • Securities
  • Medical Malpractice
  • Probate, Trust & Will Contests/Disputes
  • Appellate Mediation