Wednesday, January 17th, 2018

Bay Area Mediation Office Newsletters

Staying Present at Contentious Mediation

I received an unintentional affirmation from my old friend Gary.  I’ve known Gary forever, literally – our moms were pregnant together.  He’s very smart, a clear headed thinker and an excellent golfer.  He was describing his golf match (as golfers are of wont to do) in which he was playing for his club against another […]

Secrets of Lawyers Who Get Their Cases Settled

There’s No Bigger Secret Than Being Prepared “Before anything else, preparation is the key to success”  Alexander Graham Bell In my years settling cases, I’ve found similarities in the cases that settle and the attorneys that settle them.  There are many reasons cases don’t settle, but not being prepared is the root of all. To […]

The Benefits of Having an Attorney at Pre-Litigation Mediation

As we know, many disputes can be resolved through mediation before a lawsuit is filed. Mediation is a non-adversarial setting to attempt to resolve a dispute before entering into litigation. Disputes mediated prior to litigation save the time, expense and anxiety of a lawsuit. Parties interested in preserving business or other relationships use pre-litigation mediation […]

Creative Solutions in Mediation to Soften Hard-Line Positions

Litigation, as an adversary proceeding, encourages parties to take hard-line positions that carry high risks. Litigation is not very flexible – it forces sides in a dispute to attempt to resolve it through a highly structured environment with limited remedies. Mediation offers all parties the opportunity to find more creative, thoughtful and efficient solutions to […]

Private Caucusing in Mediation Offers You Options

Our Methods of Confidential and Effective Dispute Resolution When you are involved in a legal dispute, litigating the case all the way to trial, besides being very expensive, is always risky. Parties that have already entered litigation who wish to explore alternatives while the case is pending will often consider mediation. At mediation you can […]