Monday, December 11th, 2017

Collaborative Law

The Mediation Office of Kevin C. Coleman provides its business and individual clients with a unique Hybrid Service: Representation for Purposes of Resolution.  Kevin C. Coleman is an attorney, as well as a trained and experienced mediator.  Kevin uses the combination of those skills to represent clients in a dispute, but only for the purpose of resolving the dispute.

Under the Mediation Office’s Hybrid Services, Kevin will represent clients as their attorney, but only in an effort to use his mediation, negotiation and advocacy skills to resolve the matter.  If unable to resolve the matter, Kevin refers the client to an attorney who will handle the matter in litigation.  The Mediation Office’s Hybrid Services are much like Collaborative Law that is used in family law matters.  Hybrid Services help businesses and people settle their differences much like mediation except that rather than being neutral, Kevin represents you or your business in the dispute.

Clients have found this Hybrid Service to be very cost-effective and satisfying.  Litigation is a very stressful, anxiety-causing and time consuming distraction from one’s core business.  The hybrid representation settles disputes without the pressures, anxiety and distractions of litigation.  There is tremendous satisfaction and relief to settle a dispute without having to file or defend a lawsuit.

Clients will find the hybrid representation useful when they are unable to settle on their own, the other side has an attorney and they want the security of being represented by an attorney skilled in negotiating resolutions, who won’t do damage to a potential future litigated case.

An example of the Hybrid Service:  The Mediation Office was contacted by a business that purchases heavy equipment.  A piece of heavy equipment was purchased at auction but the buyer was not provided proper title and thus, couldn’t use in their business the equipment that they had paid for.  Not only were they unable to use a resource, but it was also costing the business hard dollars in storage fees.  After months of trying to resolve the matter without success, the business hired the Mediation Office of Kevin C. Coleman.  Kevin was able to resolve the matter to everyone’s satisfaction, especially the client’s, within a few short weeks.

If you would like to discuss the Mediation Office’s Hybrid Services for business or individuals, please call us, or contact us  here.