Wednesday, January 17th, 2018


The Mission of the Mediation Office of Kevin C. Coleman is to cost effectively settle disputes.  We achieve this by bringing the sides together; listening to each side, helping each define their needs and interests and helping each understand how the other side can be satisfied while still meeting their own needs.


Kevin is a professional mediator, practicing exclusively as a mediator since 2006, when he stopped litigating, who finds tremendous personal satisfaction in helping people resolve their disputes.  These can be anyone from lawyers representing their clients in personal injury lawsuits to two neighbors who have a boundary, tree or noise dispute.  Kevin knows that a tremendous amount of resources are spent litigating a dispute and thus likes to help all sides and parties save the time, energy, money, stress and anxiety expended on lawsuits by helping settle disputes in a less formal and quicker forum than the courtroom.

Kevin first worked as a neutral in 1996 when called by the Marin County Superior Court to work as Judge Pro Tem at settlement conferences.  It was the tremendous satisfaction that the parties had with Kevin’s work in settling cases that inspired Kevin to make mediation his full-time profession.  Of course it was very gratifying to Kevin to hear how satisfied the parties were with his work in helping bring resolution to their lawsuit.  Thereafter, Kevin engaged in extensive mediation and communication training to help him in his quest to help people resolve their disputes.

Kevin has settles a wide variety of cases.  He is requested by both sides, insurance defense attorneys and plaintiff attorneys to mediate their personal injury and and product liability cases.  Kevin’s mediation practice includes most civil litigation fields, including employment law, real estate, including landlord-tenant and construction, neighbor  disputes such as easements, boundaries and noise disputes, business disputes,  collection, lemon law and loan modification/wrongful foreclosure.  Kevin gets special satisfaction helping families in estate disputes resolve their differences.

Contact Kevin by calling 415-488-7609 or clicking here.   Kevin’s mediation services are listed here.