Wednesday, February 14th, 2018

Welcome!  Thanks for visiting the Mediation Office of Kevin C. Coleman.

Kevin helps companies, individuals, lawyers and their clients affordably and effectively resolve their disputes and settle cases throughout the San Francisco Bay Area and California.

Kevin is an accomplished mediator offering the right balance of experience, integrity, persistence and people skills necessary to settle your dispute.  He is committed to helping people resolve conflicts affordably and effectively both as a neutral mediator and using mediation techniques when hired as an advocate.

Kevin has been involved in thousands of negotiations and mediated hundreds of cases.  Kevin has been practicing law since 1989, settling cases as a neutral since 1996, and working exlusively as a full time neutral, mediating cases and resolving disputes since 2006.  Kevin brings these years of experience as a mediator and lawyer to settle even the most complex disputes. Kevin is innovative in the dispute resolution services he provides, varying the methods he employs depending on the circumstances of each case or dispute.

Kevin loves settling cases and resolving disputes and is persistent towards that end.  Kevin has mediated a wide variety of disputes, including employment, business, estate and probate, real estate, landlord/tenant, construction, personal injury, collection and loan modification/foreclosure caes.  Kevin mediates in the San Francisco Bay Area, California and has mediated cross-continent.  You get only substance from Kevin, there is no charge for travel within the Bay Area for half day mediations and southern California for full day mediations.

If there’s anything you’d like to see or hear – tips, techniques, methods for settling cases or resolving disputes in general, please just ask Kevin here.